First Annual Celtic Cup Novice Diving Competition

The First Annual Celtic Cup Novice Diving Competition is to be held at Bangor Pool on the weekend of June 23rd – 24th 2012.

The competition will bring together Novice Celtic Tri-Nations teams in an exciting new diving competition format designed to maximise the competitive experience for participating teams. Athletes will perform in four events across the weekend.

Day 1 will include 3 circuit style events allowing athletes to demonstrate control and confidence skills, entry skills and group coverage.

Day 2 participants will compete in a 6 skill diving competition.

Each event offers all divers opportunities to gain points for their nations team and individual awards.

The events will be run under ASA Laws and the FINA Technical Rules of Diving.

Events and age groups will be as follows (age at 31st December 2012):

  • Group F – 6/7 years
  • Group E – 8/9 years
  • Group D – 10/11 years
  • Group C – 12/13 years
  • Group B – 14/16 years

Competing divers have been selected for the competiton.

Download details of the Celtic Cup Novice Diving Competition (pdf format).