• Bangor Bilidowcars Diving Club
  • Bangor Bilidowcars Diving Club
  • Bangor Bilidowcars Diving Club
  • Bangor Bilidowcars Diving Club
  • Bangor Bilidowcars Diving Club
  • Bangor Bilidowcars Diving Club
  • Bangor Bilidowcars Diving Club
  • Bangor Bilidowcars Diving Club
  • Bangor Bilidowcars Diving Club
  • Bangor Bilidowcars Diving Club


Diving is an exhilarating, challenging and fun sport that anyone and everyone can enjoy. For spectators diving offers a breathtaking spectacle of power and grace. For participating children it is a great way to improve their confidence, awareness as well as getting them fit and active.


Bangor Pool is one of only 3 pools in Wales with diving boards! The pool has 1m & 3m spring boards, 3m & 5m platforms, bubble machine and a video replay system. Note the pool depth is 3.8 meters.

Children's Diving Lessons

Why not let your child try diving at Bangor pool? Diving schemes in Wales use aspects of trampolining, gymnastics, ballet, yoga and many other sporting disciplines during sessions to give a varied and diverse approach to training. All coached diving activity within the Regional Diving Program is managed and delivered by Bangor Aquatics and Healthy Lifestyles Centre.

Competitive Diving

Bangor Bilidowcars Diving Club is a volunteer lead, Swim Wales affiliated Diving Club which supports the Regional Diving Program participants' access into competition diving, training camps and social activities. The club works in partnership with Bangor Aquatics and Healthy Lifestyles Centre who deliver our coaching within the pool's diving program. Any diver wishing to compete, attend training camps or social events with Bangor Bilidowcars Diving Club must be a member of Swim Wales and affiliated to a Swim Wales diving club.

Adult Diving Lessons

Adult diving classes have now started again at Bangor Pool, please contact reception for class details.

Updated: 15/03/19


    Welsh Novice League Bangor Sat 14th March 2020

    This is the first event in the 2020 Welsh Novice League with divers from Aberdare, Llanelli & Bangor in attendance....

    Date: 12/02/2020

    Tags: club competitions training squads


    Dry Training 2020

    As part of the Squad Diving Training, the sessions will be focusing on gymnastics, fitness, dive skills & will allow the club to implement a dry training monitoring...

    Date: 22/01/2020

    Tags: dry training learn to dive training squads


    Xmas Splash 2019 Results

    The Xmas Splash 2019 was a success; a fabulous novice competition with 28 divers competing and many first time divers participating. There was some fantastic diving on...

    Date: 15/12/2018

    Tags: competitions learn to dive training squads


    Welsh Novice League Llanelli 2019 Results

    The third and final leg of the 2019 Welsh League diving competition was a huge success with 36 divers in attendance from Bangor, Llanelli & Aberdare....

    Date: 01/12/2019

    Tags: club competitions


    Irish Open 2019 Success

    Well done to Meg, Naia, Christina and Amélie for participating in the 2019 Irish Open Diving Competition in Dublin this weekend. A fabulous venue, a super friendly...

    Date: 25/11/2019

    Tags: competitions training squads




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