Dive Codes Explained

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Dives are given a code to enable quick recognition for use in competitions & training programmes:

So e.g.

101C = forward dive tucked.

101C The 1st first number in the code represents the dive group.

  • Forward dive – 1
  • Backward dive – 2
  • Reverse dive – 3
  • Inward dive – 4
  • Twisting dive – 5
  • Armstand dive – 6

101C The 2nd number in the code represents the initial position of flight – for springboard and platform diving, this is almost always 0.

101C The 3rd number represents the number of half somersaults. Unless the diver is planning to enter the water feet first, this will be an odd number.

101C The 4th character in the code represents the diving position.

Diving positions for platform and springboard diving are based on four distinct shapes.

These are straight (A), pike (B), tuck (C), and free (D).

So 109C is forward 4 ½ somersaults in tuck position and 305B is reverse 2 ½ somersaults in pike position!

Can you work out Erin's dive (401C) on the picture above?

Updated: 15/03/19


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